Maximizing Returns From Pay-Per-Click: Prospecting Through Opt-In Helps in Conversion

Prospecting Through Opt-In Helps in Conversion

Pay-Per-Click is a popular means to sell products and services on the web. But web marketers will earn more if they build a relationship with their prospects first.

Pay-Per-Click is a popular tool to make money….and lose too. E-marketers are often impatient to make a quick sale. They resort to PPC advertising as a quick and easy way to make a quick sale. But while quick skyrocketing sales are a wonderful thing, the marketers should avail of a far larger opportunity that awaits them. Making customers loyal is a far more efficient way of sustaining the e-business. How does one maximize returns on the web using PPC to get customers to keep coming back to refill the shopping cart? Continue reading “Maximizing Returns From Pay-Per-Click: Prospecting Through Opt-In Helps in Conversion”

Reputation Management

Business Records Need Real Records Management and Secure Storage

Business records are of significant value and legal requirements exist everywhere to ensure that operating businesses treat records management seriously.

Implementing real records management processes into a business and ensuring secure storage for the relevant records, is a key management responsibility, one which is often neglected in small to medium business enterprises, but one which definitely needs to be a core focus, in order to satisfy relevant legislative requirements, and to improve business efficiency.

What are Business Records?

Business records are documents, or any other electronic or physical items, that provide lasting evidence of any activity or transactions undertaken in a business, which are required to be retained either permanently, or for a specified time period. Continue reading “Business Records Need Real Records Management and Secure Storage”

Business Process Management

Business Process Management Aims at Adding Value

BPM Seeks to Optimize Customer Need Fulfillment and Business Costs

Business process management focuses on the basic business objective of survival and prosperity through continuous improvement of the value delivered to the customer.

BPM is a continuing exercise to analyze existing business processes and improve them. The improvements can take different forms such as using technology for better performance and/or quality, removing bottlenecks or reducing costs. Delivering better value at lower costs keeps a business competitive, and this is the basic objective. Continue reading “Business Process Management Aims at Adding Value”

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

If you want to learn search engine optimization tips on how to rank your site on Google, then this is the right page to find list put together in a single document.

Google starter guide is HERE.

Domain Age

The senior ex-engineer at Google, Matt Cutts said that “domain-age is a very crucial element. (But) high-quality content plays a vital role than the age of the domain.”

Usage of Keywords in your Domain name

Picking the perfect domain name is very important in business life and in website optimization. You should use keywords in their domain name. (But keywords should be put in meta titles and meta descriptions because keywords appearing in bold affect the search results positively.)

Use your Most Important Keyword as the First Word in your Domain

It is not only an indisputable keyword ranking factor but also one you cannot ignore when it comes to boosting the ranking of you site on search engines. Continue reading “SEO Tips for Small Businesses”

How to Start an eBay Small Business: Become a Work At Home Online Retailer Selling a Unique Product Line

At the onset of the tech revolution in September 1995, a company was born with a novel approach to auctioneering. The company was called AuctionWeb, a web-based auction site where people from around the world could bid on various products and business owners could send the products directly to buyers’ homes.

AuctionWeb soon became eBay, which in following years grew to become one of the largest companies in the United States. Today, eBay is continually expanding its horizons and operates in over 30 countries.

eBay is a well-known auction website that pairs sellers who want to make money with buyers who want to purchase unique products they can’t find anywhere else. But how does the average person start an eBay small business?

Starting Out With an eBay Small Business

One of the things people like about owning their own eBay small business is that the business owner gets to work at home and set his or her own schedule. No bad traffic jams to fight, and no overbearing bosses – it seems like a dream come true.

However, owning an eBay small business isn’t always easy. In effect, the eBay small business owner becomes a retailer; not the owner of a brick and mortar store, but a virtual shop on the web. The eBay small business owner must also purchase and stock his or her own products.

As a bona fide retailer, the eBay seller must attend to such typical retail business practices as accounting, purchasing, customer service, office supplies, marketing, sales, packing, shipping, and returns. He or she must also set pricing reasonably; not so low that profitability will be impacted, yet not so high that nobody will purchase the products.

The Key to Successful Selling on eBay

People who are considering becoming eBay small business owners typically believe that selling products such as digital cameras or Blu-ray disc players will make money in buckets. However, that’s not always the case.

Successful eBay small business owners have done quite well selling not simply popular mainstream products, but niche products that are equally popular yet hard to find. Examples include vintage dolls, valuable collectibles, rare coins, old antiques, and niche art.

Achieving an excellent seller reputation and positive feedback on eBay is another area the eBay seller needs to focus on. Thus, the eBay seller must ensure quality packaging, speedy shipping, good customer service, and quality products that are a good value for the money.

Starting an eBay small business is advantageous in the sense that the eBay seller is free to work at home and make money online. However, the eBay seller must keep in mind that it is a retail business like any other, and profitability depends on a variety of factors.