Maximizing Returns From Pay-Per-Click: Prospecting Through Opt-In Helps in Conversion

Prospecting Through Opt-In Helps in Conversion

Pay-Per-Click is a popular means to sell products and services on the web. But web marketers will earn more if they build a relationship with their prospects first.

Pay-Per-Click is a popular tool to make money….and lose too. E-marketers are often impatient to make a quick sale. They resort to PPC advertising as a quick and easy way to make a quick sale. But while quick skyrocketing sales are a wonderful thing, the marketers should avail of a far larger opportunity that awaits them. Making customers loyal is a far more efficient way of sustaining the e-business. How does one maximize returns on the web using PPC to get customers to keep coming back to refill the shopping cart?

Educating prospective customers, getting their permission and woo-ing them through opt-ins is the simple answer.Here are four simple ways to do so:

Create Compelling Opt-In Offers

Enticing incentives for opt-ins make an opt-in offer compelling. There are various tactics to create such compelling opt-in offers.

Be Bold and Relevant on the Landing Page

Make sure the opt-in offer is blatantly bold and clear on the landing page which is the most relevant page of the website. This offer could be a mini e-zine, a newsletter or a blog. This ensures that the prospective customer is being given a choice to opt in before buying something.

Of course the landing page itself needs to be engaging. Test the landing page prior to launching. There are many ways to test which page is the best for visitors to land on.

Repeat and Highlight the Opt-In Offer Throughout the Site

Do not forget people love surfing. Putting the opt-in offer only on the landing page may prove limiting. Viwers may easily forget the offer as they navigate through the site. So make sure the opt-in offer is repeated often throughout the site. This will ensure the offer to be in the visitors’ frame of consideration before they exit the site.

Remind and Tempt at the Goodbye Stage

A reminder by way of an exit pop-up is not intrusive. It can actually persuade people to opt-in just as they are about to leave the site. A pop-up is particularly rewarding if the navigation experience for the customer has been rich. So make sure a tempting offer is made at the exit stage too, so as to get them to come back.

Don’t forget to maintain a record of prospects. Build an opt-in email list, and use it to sort the most valued customers so the offers can be customized in content. Remember, developing customer relationships on the web helps not just acquire a customer base but also retain them. Encourage them to keep returning to the shopping cart and ensure increasing profits on the e-way.